The online subscription system for the equine world.
Cavallo is an online website where riders can register for a jumping competition. With Cavallo, can you manage your secretary on the day of the jumping, enter the results of the riders and view the start lists. The rider can follow everything live via a smartphone.

Subscribe for a competition

A list of competitions is available and sorted per club. For each competition, you can choose your own starting numbers. These numbers are however temporary and can be changed afterwards by the organizer.

View the starting lists

At any time you can see the start list online. It will display the name of the rider and the name of the horse. If the combination has gained a result, you can see how he or she has done.

See it on your iPhone or tablet

The website of Cavallo is fully responsive. It automatically adjust itself to the screen of your tablet, iPhone or any other smartphone. This gives you a great experience on any device.

Follow it live

During the competition, you can follow the starting list and the results of the riders on the website.

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